We’re proud to announce our involvement in a refurbishment project for the Musical Academy of Poznan. The project was aimed at renovating the main entrance area of the building including reconstruction of the stairs and wheelchair access.

Protym worked together with the contractor, UB Szałata, to provide technical support, expert advice as well as the supply of key materials and products.

The renovation strategy was divided into a number of steps. One of the main challenges was to seamlessly integrate the stair defrosting and heating system into the build. For this type of challenge we recommended SikasScreed HardTop 60, a fast curing repair mortar with SikaScreen 20-EBB which is an epoxy top layer.

Następnie całość po przeszlifowaniu została zagruntowana żywicą epoksydową Sikafloor 151, a występujące jeszcze nierówności wyrównane

In the next step, after having surface prepped the areas using a planetary concrete grinder, the floor was then primed with Sikafloor 151. Uneven areas were smoothened out with a resin screed based on the same Sikafloor 151, but with added quartz sand.

In the following days, the contractor applied a two-layer Sikafloor 3240 polyurethane resin coating, making sure to cover the fresh layer of resin with quartz sand in order to have a non-slip finish.


The final step involved sealing the Surface with Sikafloor 369 N, which is a polyurethane resin with a special UV coating designed to protect and seal the project. This is done under dry weather conditions.

Each step was carefully supervised and overseen by one of our long-time Sales Engineers, Michał Jakubczyk. Thank you for your involvement Michał and looking forward to your next update!

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