Helping our clients work smarter since 1990.

Protym was founded with one major goal in mind – to serve as a platform for ambitious, local businesses looking to educate and equip themselves with the know-how and resources to become leaders in the their respective markets.

Since then, we have become a leading industrial supplier in three major markets:​​


Concrete refurbishment for private and public sector e.g. public infrastructure, private energy. Major applications include flooring & roofing projects. Distribution channels in DIY markets.

Automotive & Rail

OEM and Tier 1 portfolio of applications in automobile, bus, truck and trailer production. Auto repair & maintenance, rolling stock (train & tram) production and renovation.

General Industry

Components manufacturing ranging from facade (windows), renewable energy (solar panels), smart metering (gas meters), marine, home appliances and kitchen equipment.

Building reputation together.


International suppliers looking to develop business in Poland choose us as a distribution partner, because of our commitment to providing customers with the best possible technical, financial and logistical support. Our suppliers understand, that their strong reputation in the local market is directly linked with the satisfaction and approval of the end-user.


Our people create our success.


At Protym, we are firm believers in the saying “your company is only as extraordinary as your people”. We focus on attracting talent that truly represent our core values and express them when working together with clients. ​

We empower our team by giving them ownership of their projects. No micromanagement here. Management’s job is to provide employees with the best possible tools and support to allow them focus on caring for the customer.


People over profits.


Our employees are experts in their respective fields, they truly care about seeing their customers succeed. They come to work motivated, happy and look forward to hanging out with their co-workers. This is because we believe in creating a sustainable work-life balance at Protym, where employee satisfaction come before profits. ​

By providing the best possible environment for our team to thrive in, we can attract the top talent. This in turn will allow us to provide unparalleled, out-of-the-box support for our clients that competitors are unable to do. We have tried an tested this strategy since day one, twenty five years later it is still our core belief and confirmed as our key to success.

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