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SikaCem 120 Waterproof - concrete sealing admixture 5L

by Sika
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SikaCem 120 Waterproof is a sealing admixture for normal concrete and mortar.


SikaCem 120 Waterproof is suitable for the production of concrete where it is required to: improve workability for better compaction, seal the structure to reduce water uptake and increase watertightness. The SikaCem 120 Waterproof admixture is most often used for: foundation and tank concrete, wet concrete mixes used in the production of paving stones, rings and other elements exposed to contact with water, cement mortars and surface coatings exposed to contact with moisture or water.


The action of the SikaCem 120 Waterproof sealing admixture in the concrete mix is ​​to seal the capillary pores. This allows to obtain the following properties of the concrete mix and concrete: improvement of workability during compaction, improvement of watertightness, water absorption and capillary absorption of water. SikaCem 120 Waterproof does not contain chlorides or other chemicals that are corrosive to reinforcing steel. It can be used without restrictions for reinforced and prestressed concrete elements and structures.


0.1% - 1.5% of the cement weight, depending on the expected effect, usually 1% of the cement weight. The given range of recommended dosage applies to normal concrete

Packaging: 5L

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