We’re excited to let you know that we’ve been visiting a group of our independent retail stores in Poznań together with Sika Poland. Our main focus is to reconnect with many of our retailers’ customers, catch up on how they have been doing after the quarantine and see how we can help them out with their latest projects. Our target market for this session of customer events is sealing and bonding.

The next time you visit your local hardware store or construction material warehouse, look out for our yellow tent by the entrance. Feel free to stop by for a coffee and say hi to the team! We are there to demonstrate proven solutions to any problems you might be having in your ongoing construction projects. We’re not just there to talk theory, but also roll up our sleeves and show you how it’s done on-site.

We’re concentrating on our sealing foams SIKA FOAM FIX, construction adhesives SIKAFLEX 118 EXTREMEGRAB as well as one of our best sellers – the two-in-one glue and sealant SIKAFLEX 11FC and CRYSTAL CLEAR. We’re demoing our superplasticizers from SIKACEM, which are unique, waterproof concrete admixtures.

Whether you’re just beginning your adventure in construction, or you’re already an experienced builder with multiple sites in your track-record, we all reach that moment where we appreciate having access to a well experienced and dependable supplier with proven solutions.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at the following spots:

14.07 – HEBO, ul. Rzemieślnicza 91 Baranowo,  62-081 Przeźmierowo
15.07 – MAT-MAJSTER, Obornicka 300, 60-691 Poznań
16.07 – NADSTAGA, Dąbrówka Leśna ul. Ludomska 2 64-600 Oborniki

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