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HTC Academy Szkolenie

HTC Academy training

At the end of February (27.02-02.03) we flew over for our first HTC Academy together with a group of our trusted and most experienced contractors. All together, we brought a team of concrete experts that have poured well over 1000000m2 of concrete in total! HTC Professional Floors Systems head office as well as the HTC Academy were located in the beautiful town of Norrköping in Sweden. The main aim of the visit was to educate prospective HTC grinder operators on the advantages of using DURATIQ technology for future surface preparation, grinding and polishing projects. A major focus was placed on cost-saving as well as time-effective solutions.

Our contractors were very impressed with the level of professionalism, experience and know-how that the HTC Academy team brought into the training sessions. While there may be a strong level of concrete experience among the contractors at the academy, they were pleased to know that there is always a chance of learning something more and useful for future jobs. While theory was an dominant approach of the academy trainers, there were a number of very interesting practical applications demonstrated as well.

While it was great to learn a lot and focus on improving technical know-how on grinding and processing concrete surfaces – the team at HTC treated us all to fun evenings filled with mouth-watering steaks and delicious drinks. It’s a pleasant sight to watch contractors sharing drinks together during the evenings, rather than always competing against one another for contracts on job-sites. Contractors exchanged ideas, experiences, compared different projects with one another, and came out more understanding of the market than before. Looks like one can be productive over a beer!

We thank the amazing HTC Academy team for all their guidance and support, we thank our contractors for expressing interest in learning more about the HTC brand and what it can do to improve their business. A final thanks to mother nature, as it made our stay in Norrköping truly magical, with all the snow and clear blue skies, will be sure to see you all again soon!

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