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Privacy policy

1. PPH PROTYM Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. attaches particular importance to respecting the privacy of persons whose data it processes, and in particular of persons visiting the website We want each user to know exactly what data we obtain and how they can protect their privacy.
2. The administrator of personal data is PPH PROTYM Sp. z o. o. Sp. K
(ul. Rzemieślnicza 1, 62-081 Przeźmierowo, KRS 0000344451 , Tax Identification Number: 7773142987) on behalf of which all activities are undertaken by entities authorized to represent the enterprise in accordance with the entry in the National Court Register.
3. As part of its business activities, the Administrator processes data of persons employed in the enterprise, data of suppliers, contractors who are entrepreneurs, customers who are natural persons, persons who have agreed to receive commercial information and job candidates.

Collecting data
1. The administrator obtains personal data of entities marked in point 3 through:
a. direct transfer by the entity indicated in point 3
b. sending via e-mail by the entity indicated in point 3
c. downloading from public registers
d. website
2. When a person visits a given website, our servers automatically save the so-called system logs – anonymous information such as the time of your visit, IP address, url address, browser, etc.
3. The collected logs are stored for an indefinite period of time as auxiliary material used to administer the website. The information contained therein is not disclosed to anyone other than persons authorized to administer the server and the company's network.
4. Page uses cookies . They identify the visitor's browser and improve the operation of the website. You can choose to reject cookies in your browser settings, but some website functions may not work properly. Cookies do not contain any personal data
5. Data of entities marked in point 3 are collected to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose for which they are collected. If the Administrator obtains data of entities marked in point 3 to a broader extent than necessary (so-called superfluous data), the Administrator immediately deletes the indicated data exceeding the necessary scope.
6. The scope of processed data of contractors, suppliers' clients and persons who have agreed to receive commercial information about the company's products does not exceed the scope of personal data, contact details and other data necessary for correct financial settlements. The indicated range does not include special categories of data.
7. The Administrator processes the data until the purpose of their processing is achieved (provision of the service, duration of the employment relationship, recruitment process) and after this deadline, it processes only the data of entities marked in point 3, the archiving of which is necessary due to the provisions of the Accounting Act. and other applicable legal acts.
8. The recipients of data of contractors, customers and suppliers are:
a. accounting office,
b. tax authorities
c. other contractors if it is justified by the need to provide the service
9. In a situation where the Administrator, in order to perform his duties or properly perform the contract, is obliged to entrust personal data from the files
the Administrator to a third party, concludes an agreement with the indicated entity to entrust processing.

10. Using the website requires the processing of the customer's personal data in the scope of: personal data, contact details and other data necessary for correct financial settlements . The data will be processed by PPH PROTYM Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. to the extent necessary to conclude and perform the contract. Transaction data, including personal data, may be transferred to: "Polskie ePłatności" spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Tajęcina (formerly "Paylane" sp. z o. o.), address: Tajęcina 113, 36-002 Jasionka, KRS: 0000227278 , NIP 5862141089 and REGON 220010531; PayPro SA , address: Pastelowa 8, 60-198 Poznań, KRS: 0000347935, NIP 779-236-98-87 and REGON 301345068 to the extent necessary to process payment for the order. The customer has the right to access and correct their data. Providing data is voluntary and necessary to use the website.

Rights of data subjects

1. Each entity marked in point 3 providing its personal data has the right to request the Personal Data Administrator to provide information regarding personal data (in particular about the scope and purpose of the processed data) of the indicated entity processed by the Administrator. The application should be prepared in writing, personally signed by the authorized person and sent to the Administrator. The indicated application should be sent to the address of the Administrator's office or in the form of a scan to the electronic address
2. The Administrator will respond to the request within one month of receiving the request for information, subject to point 4 of this paragraph. In addition to responding to the request, the Administrator will provide the applicant with one copy of all data that it processes as part of its activities. The applicant has the right to request the submission of more than one copy, and the Administrator has the right to make the issuance of a copy conditional on payment of a fee. The indicated application should be sent to the address of the Administrator's office or the e-mail address
3. Each entity whose data is processed by the Personal Data Administrator has the right to request rectification, updating, deletion of their personal data, restriction of processing, obtaining their data in a structured format and transfer of the marked format of personal data to the administrator indicated by him, as well as the right to request deletion of data. The application should be sent electronically to
4. The Administrator is obliged to respond to requests from persons whose data is processed without undue delay and in any case within one month. If the nature of the request is complicated or the Administrator has received a large number of applications, the deadline may be extended by another two months, after informing the applicant about the reason for the delay within 30 days of receiving the application. The administrator sends the response in electronic form, unless the person submitting the application requests a written form. The administrator informs the applicant about the need to extend the deadline for responding.
5. Anyone whose data is processed by the Administrator for purposes related to sending commercial information has the right to object to the processing of his data by the Administrator, which, for faster effectiveness, should be sent in writing to the address of the Administrator's registered office or a scan to the electronic address
6. If the Administrator does not respond to the requests indicated in this document within the statutory deadline, the applicant has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. In accordance with applicable legal standards, the supervisory authority for the protection of personal data to which complaints may be directed is the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, which after May 25, 2018 may be designated as the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Final Provisions
1. We reserve the right to change the above privacy policy by publishing a new privacy policy on this subpage.
2. This document becomes effective upon publication on the website _