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Budowa kampera Jak uszczelnić kampera lub przyczepę kempingową

How to seal a caravan or camper?

What kind of holiday is it in the bosom of nature if we are threatened by any downpour or stronger gust of wind, and the noise takes away the joy of the trip together? To prevent such a situation, you should think about maintaining and sealing your trailer or camper in advance! We explain how to properly seal a trailer and what products to use for this purpose. We invite you!

Construction of a camper How to seal a camper camper sealant butyl sealant

Sealing a caravan – can you do it yourself?

Even microscopic gaps in the connections of elements such as windows, doors, roofs, skylights or hatches can significantly reduce the comfort of traveling and staying overnight in a camper or caravan. Is professional, expert maintenance necessary ? Trailer seals are one thing, but if the problem is bigger, it is definitely worth visiting a service center - it's an investment in safety!

However, if the problem with your trailer or camper is only minor leaks, you can deal with them on your own. TheSIKA brand - one of the largest producers of adhesives and sealants for commercial vehicles (and not only!) - and the Sikaflex series of sealants (221, 521), Sikaflex 252 construction adhesive, or Sikalastomer 710 butyl sealant can help. But first, you need to prepare – firstly, locate leaks, and secondly, purchase the right type of product.

What most often requires sealing or gluing in a trailer or camper?

  • Windows and glass – apart from sealing, they often require minor repair work. Windows in campers and trailers are most often made of plexiglass. Both cracks and even delamination of the glass can be repaired using specialized adhesives and sealants.
  • Manholes, skylights, culverts, doors and more – all openings in the roofs and walls of trailers and campers require regular sealing. For this purpose, polyurethane adhesives and sealants are used. After sanding and degreasing the surface, just apply the preparation and leaks will no longer be a problem.

What is needed to seal a caravan?

  • Sealant ( Sikalastomer 710 , Sikaflex 221 or Sikaflex 521 UV ) - An effective product will seal the camper for even more than one season! Available universal preparations do not always work in this role. The glue, mass or sealant must therefore be adapted to the type of surface, the size of the elements and the forces acting on them. You should always pay attention to the recommended method of application and product specifications - time to complete drying and resistance to external conditions and factors.
Butyl sealant sealant for a camper
  • Sandpaper – some of the sealed elements may also require preparatory work, i.e. grinding. In this case, you should purchase sandpaper of appropriate gradation or special non-woven fabric. Grinding will remove dirt and smooth the surface, making gluing more effective.
  • Degreasing preparation – basically all sealing and gluing agents require thorough cleaning of the surface to be joined. For this purpose, you can use, among others: isopropyl alcohol. Remember that most often, without degreasing the surface, sealing or gluing will not be fully successful and the entire work may need to be repeated.
surface preparation for sealing

What preparations should you choose to seal a trailer or camper?

They are especially recommended for sealing campers and caravans polyurethane adhesives and sealants – they not only provide solid joints, but are also easy to apply and resistant to moisture, UV radiation and extreme temperatures. And because they are produced in many different variants, they can be used for virtually any type of material. Some of them are designed to combine different materials, which gives them the dimension of a universal product.

Sikaflex 221 flexible sealant

This flexible preparation is used for vehicle construction . It is a polyurethane and one-component sealant. It is useful during breakdowns that require sealing together elements: metal, aluminum, wood, but also ceramics and plastics. It has good gap-filling properties and is resistant to high stress. It is resistant to weather conditions.

Sikaflex 521 UV hybrid sealant

Sikaflex 521 UV is a flexible sealing material with high resistance to UV radiation. It is an equivalent of Sikalfex 221, but made using hybrid technology - which makes it much more resistant to conditions and less demanding in surface preparation. It is an ideal sealant for use in outdoor seals that are exposed to UV radiation.

Butyl sealant Sikalastomer 710

Butyl sealant is a flexible sealing material made of butyl, i.e. synthetic rubber. Butyl is characterized by very good resistance to atmospheric factors, such as moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, butyl sealant is used to seal surfaces inside and outside, especially in places exposed to moisture and water. The most important property of butyl sealant is its flexibility - thanks to which it can effectively fill cracks and gaps of various shapes and sizes. This elasticity does not change over time, so it is also easy to dismantle.

How to properly seal a camper or trailer?

  1. Always remember to properly prepare the surface to be sealed. In most cases, the substrate must be cleaned, skimmed and dry. In some situations it's worth it sand elements to ensure their effective connection. You must also follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  2. Application method sealant, mass or glue may be individual for each preparation, so please read the instructions. It may be necessary to use a gun (e.g. manual or pneumatic). Plus everyone sealant should be applied in specific conditions - e.g temperature .
  3. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the technical parameters to know how long and under what conditions the sealant should dry and when the joint is sufficiently hardened. You should also purchase a preparation for removing sealant if any correction is necessary.
  4. Almost every adhesive and sealant product can be smoothed and finish , e.g. paint . (depending on the needs). However, you should follow the recommendations in this matter - e.g. some preparations can only be smoothed before the so-called adhesive skin formation.


1. What preparations should be used to seal a caravan?

It is worth using polyurethane adhesives and sealants. It is best if these are professional products, such as those of the SIKA brand, which are also used in the production of vehicles. Before starting sealing, it is always worth carefully studying the information provided by the manufacturer on the packaging or leaflet.

2. Can you seal a camper yourself?

You can seal a camper or caravan yourself, but remember to properly prepare and adjust the sealants. Always follow the instructions and warnings of the product manufacturer. Information from other users found on the Internet (content available on Google and YouTube, instructional advertisements) may also be helpful.

3. How to prepare a trailer or camper for sealing?

Before sealing the elements (including new ones), they should be cleaned, degreased and dried. Some parts may require sanding with sandpaper.

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