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What glue to choose for windows in trucks and buses?

There are many effective glass adhesives that are used in vehicle production and for replacing car windows yourself. However, in the case of large-size vehicles - trucks or buses - it is worth choosing a professional, specialized solution. After all, it is not only a larger gluing surface, but also greater forces acting on the vehicle and increased use. Sikaflex 265 glue works perfectly in this role, which translates into the safety of vehicle users and passengers.

Sikaflex 265, an effective adhesive for windows in trucks and buses

Sikaflex 265 this glass glue that also serves as a sealant . It is a single-component, flexible preparation based on polyurethane. It is available only in black, like most glass adhesives. The product is easy to apply, but nevertheless intended for professional users with experience and knowledge in glass installation. Is resistant to weather conditions and unfavorable weather conditions (UV radiation, high and low temperature, humidity, frost). It is perfect for sealing external joints.

Sikaflex 265 adhesive and sealant is used both during the initial assembly (vehicle production) and during any subsequent repairs.

What distinguishes the specialist Sikaflex 265 bus and truck window adhesive?

Among many different ones preparations for gluing windows , Sikaflex 265 glue is especially recommended as an adhesive for windows for buses and trucks. Polyurethane adhesives they harden thanks to air moisture . This process occurs slightly faster at higher temperatures.

Sikaflex 265 glass adhesive is available completely resistant to water , diluted acids and alkaline solutions. Temporarily resistant to fuels, oils and fats.

How to prepare the surface for gluing with Sikaflex 265?

Appropriate preparation of the surface before gluing is important for virtually every adhesive preparation. Surface it must be clean and dry . It's necessary to remove all dirt in the form of dust, oil, grease and other impurities . Any additional preparation of the surface for bonding depends on the specific nature of the specific type of substrate and may affect the durability of the bond.

After cleaning the surface and before gluing, you should: use the specialized activator Sika Aktivator 100 . It is an alcohol solution with the addition of substances that improve the adhesion of joined materials. It works well with non-porous materials, especially glass. We apply it to both the windshield surface and the vehicle structure. After the activator has dried, the next step before gluing is to apply the primer. For this purpose, we can use Sika Primer 206 G+P glass primer. Just like the activator, we apply it to both surfaces. After applying the primer, we can start applying the glue.

How to apply Sikaflex 265 adhesive for truck windows?

Before gluing the glass in a truck or bus, pay attention to the temperature of the surroundings, the substrate and the preparation itself. It can be used at ambient temperatures between 10°C and 35°C. The optimal temperature of the substrate and adhesive (to maintain full reactivity and application properties) is 15-25°C .

Sikaflex 265 glue is best apply in the form of a triangular path , thanks to which the joint will ultimately have a uniform thickness. The product is available in the form of a standard 300ml cartridge or 600ml foil, so it can be applied using manual, pneumatic or electric guns. In the case of industrial window gluing, you can use containers (hobbocks) with a capacity of 23 L or 195 L barrels, the glue is then applied using a pump.

Belongs pay attention to the open time of the glue and glue the element before it expires . In applications where we want to perform external sealing, it is worth using a substance to help the joint Sika®Tooling Agent N it will allow us to smooth the joint.

The "adhesive open time" will be lower when it is hot and humid. Installation should be performed before a skin appears on the joint (approximately 45 minutes).

How to remove Sikaflex 265 adhesive?

If the Sikaflex 265 adhesive has not yet hardened, it can be removed with Sika Remover-208 cleaning agent or other such solvent. After hardening, the adhesive coating can only be removed mechanically. We recommend using protective gloves when applying the adhesive, and if you get dirty with the product, wash your hands and exposed skin as soon as possible with water and a suitable industrial hand cleaner or Sika Handclean wipes.

Does Sikaflex 265 glue have other applications?

Typically, Sikaflex 265 adhesive is used for gluing and sealing windows in trucks, buses and rail vehicles. It can be used for repair and sealing work in passenger cars. The preparation could also be easily used during construction and renovation works. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, it would be perfect as a grouting preparation and for filling external gaps. However, please remember that for this type of applications there are products with adapted parameters from the construction department of Sika. Therefore, using Sikaflex 265 in applications other than gluing glass does not make much sense.


1. How much does window glue for trucks and buses cost?

One of the most effective adhesives of this type - Sikaflex 265 - costs about PLN 90 in the Protym store (capacity 600 ml).

2. How to use Sikaflex adhesive 265?

Before gluing, the surface to be glued must be cleaned, degreased and prepared. To increase the reactivity of the adhesive, it is worth using the professional activator Sika® Aktivator-205 Cleaner . The glue should be applied with a gun, creating a triangular path. The glass must be installed before a skin forms on the adhesive layer.

3. Who can use Sikaflex-265 adhesive?

Sikaflex 265 adhesive is a preparation for professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the installation and replacement of windows in trucks, buses and rail vehicles. Before gluing, tests should be carried out for the actual substrate and conditions.

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