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Kraj jest zablokowany, a Ty chciałeś skończyć łazienkę – co zrobić?

The country is locked down, and you’ve got a bathroom to finish off – what to do?

Were you in the middle of a renovation project at your house when the COVID-19 lockdown struck – leaving you stranded at home, with no supplies or help to finish off the job?

Welcome to 2020, where even though things may seem chaotic and unstable, the power of online shopping and YouTube mean that you can spend your new-found free time teaching yourself a fresh set of skills. Some cook, some drink wine and some focus on honing their home improvement skills – because being at home and having access to online tutorials as well the option to have materials and products delivered right to your doorstep for a contactless hand-off means there is no better time to get started.

Let’s say you’re caulking up your shower cabin, you’ve seen the YouTube tutorial and ordered a cartridge of Sikaflex 11FC

, but something still isn’t right – maybe the caulk isn’t drying fast enough or the sealant isn’t coming out evenly.

With every online purchase you make with Protym you will receive a hotline number to one of our dedicated application specialists. By getting on the phone with them, they can troubleshoot any issue you might be having with your project. The hotline includes a WhatsApp number, which means that you can even make a video call if you wish, to show exactly what kind of issue you are trying to resolve. As with any project we tackle, the more information we have, the better our chances are of resolving it quickly, efficiently and safely together.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of 5 of our most popular products we sell online today. These products are simple and easy to use and are a great way for anyone looking to get started on a DIY project at home.

Five of our best-selling products that are proven to help you out:

1. Sikaflex 11 FC 300 ml – universal glue and sealant. You can use this product to glue and seal just about anything in your home..

2. Sikaflex 118 EXTREME GRAB 300 ml – a single-component glue with ultra-high strength. Can be used inside and outside for gluing cement, natural stone, ceramics, wood, metal and glass..
3. Sikaflex 112 Crystal Clear 300ml – a single-component sealant for indoor use. It’s transparent and has no strong smell..
4. Sika Igol 10 L – – waterproofing coating for concrete foundations.
5. Sikafloor 150 3 kg – is a two-component, multi-purpose epoxy resin with low odor and viscosity, which can be used as an epoxy primer, “zero-pulled” leveling mortar and resin screed.
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