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Jaka fuga najlepsza? - Ranking fug 2024

Which fugue is the best? - Ranking of fugues 2023

Wondering which grout to choose? We are not surprised! This is a common question we receive from our clients. In the list below, we present grouts with a wide range of applications and we present those that, according to our experts, will be best suited to various surfaces.

Is a universal grout a good solution?

Universal elastic grout is a material used to fill gaps or joints between ceramic tiles, stone or other building materials. There are several reasons why it is worth using a universal flexible joint:

  • Flexibility : Universal flex grout is flexible, meaning it can expand and contract in response to temperature changes, structural movements or stresses. Thanks to this, it prevents cracking of the joint and minimizes the risk of damage during the use of the building.
  • Water and Moisture Resistant : The universal flex grout is watertight and moisture resistant. Thanks to this, it prevents water from entering cracks and joints, which protects the substrate against moisture, deformation and the appearance of fungi or mold.
  • Easy application : Universal flexible grouts are relatively easy to apply.

Choose Sopro DF10 Design Flex Grout if you are interested in cement grout and flexible grout that can be used on all surfaces (both indoors and outdoors). It meets all the necessary requirements of customers as a grout for ceramic tiles , concrete tiles, natural stone tiles, glass mosaic tiles or slabs made of conglomerates. To further ennoble the joint, customers often add gold or silver glitter to it.

Choose SikaCeram 663 if you are looking for a universal cementitious tile grout , grout for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. The elements contained in the mortar additionally provide protection against mold, bacteria and fungi, hence it is often used in damp rooms (also used to seal swimming pools). SikaCeram 663, thanks to its properties, retains a permanent color, which is why it is often chosen as a grout for white tiles .


Are you planning a renovation and don't know which grout to choose? We recommend you Sopro Saphir - it is a cement grout , a flexible grout for all ceramic tiles and more. You can use it to renovate: bathroom, kitchen, balcony or terrace. Grout is available in many colors, so everyone will surely find the right one for themselves ( grout colors : many shades of white, grey, beige, brown and black). An additional advantage of this tile grout is the beading effect, thanks to which the joint becomes extremely tight and does not absorb dirt. A great combination of effective appearance and functionality!

What grout for cubes and natural stone?

Are you thinking about work in the garden, terrace or balcony? Are you wondering what is the best grout for granite cubes / grout for paving stones ? Choose Sopro TNF grout. This is the option most often chosen by our customers for grouting stone slabs and paving stones. The grout is flexible and due to its composition and specialization - it reduces the risk of lime efflorescence.

Joints for paving stones or natural stone differ from universal flexible joints for several reasons:

  • Durability : Paving stones and natural stone are materials that are often used outdoors where they are exposed to heavy loads such as vehicle movements or heavy loads.
  • Weather resistance : Paving stones and natural stone are also exposed to various weather conditions such as frost, rain, UV radiation, etc.
  • Joint width : Paving stones and natural stone tend to have larger gaps between them than standard ceramic tiles.

When to use epoxy grout?

Wondering which epoxy grout is the best? Check out Sopro DFX Design Epoxy Grout . It is a grout with extremely high resistance - it is fantastic in all humid spaces and with heavy loads (water, pressure, chemicals, etc.). Due to its properties, it is chosen not only for work in residential, but also commercial, public or industrial buildings ( among others, swimming pools, laboratories). It will effectively protect not only the terrace, balcony, walls and floors in the bathroom, but also highly used spaces - Sopro DFX Design Epoxy Grout guarantees high resistance to mechanical and chemical factors as well as a long-lasting and impressive appearance. It comes in several colors, and to refine the appearance, it is possible to add glitter to it (gold, silver, copper). The grout is intended for professionals.

To sum up, epoxy grout is a special type of grout used in specific situations where increased resistance to harsh conditions and factors is required. It is worth noting that epoxy grouts are more complicated to apply than standard grouts. They require precise mixing of the two components and the working time is limited.


1. What grout will be the best?

The best grout will depend on the specific conditions and requirements of the project. It is worth paying attention to properties such as strength, chemical resistance, flexibility and adaptation to a specific material. In case of doubt, it is always worth consulting a professional or manufacturer to choose the right grout for your needs.

2. Does the grout color affect its properties?

The color of the grout does not directly affect its physical and mechanical properties, such as strength or flexibility.

3. How to prepare the surface before grout application?

Preparing the surface before applying the grout is a key step that ensures the durability and aesthetics of the final effect. The method of preparation may differ from the specific grout - always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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