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Nowość w ofercie online sklepu - produkty EVERCOAT!

New in the online offer of the store - EVERCOAT products!

We are pleased to announce that our online offer has been expanded to include another new brand - EVERCOAT . The products will be available both in our store and the store , which focuses on the offer addressed to enthusiasts of both amateur and professional work on cars.

EVERCOAT is an American manufacturer of professional putties and primers intended for bodywork and painting works in the automotive industry. The company was established in 1953 in Cincinnati and initially supplied products for the shipbuilding industry.

EVERCOAT professional putties, varnishing primers putties

Today, the EVERCOAT brand provides professionals with putties in many variants, including: color changing technology and putties reinforced with glass fiber or Kevlar fiber. The offer also includes liquid putties and primers.

Professional putties, bodywork and painting repairs EVERCOAT

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