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On January 13th 2023 our store is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
INDASA dystrybutor, sklep online materiały ścierne, papier krążek włóknina ścierna

New in the online offer of the store - INDASA products!

We are pleased to announce that our online offer has been expanded to include another new brand - INDASA . The products will be available both in our store and the store, which focuses on the offer addressed to enthusiasts of both amateur and professional work on cars.

INDASA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality abrasive materials, specializing in the production of various products such as sandpapers, sanding discs, non-woven fabrics and many others. They have been trusted by customers around the world for many years thanks to reliable, high quality and innovative solutions. INDASA was established in 1979 and is now one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

INDASA distributor of sandpaper, abrasive non-woven fabric, masking tape

INDASA abrasives are products primarily for professionals who pay attention to quality and efficiency of work. These products are also used for DIY tasks, DIY and a wide range of work at home or in the workshop.

INDASA sandpapers, sanding discs, abrasive materials store

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