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Protym wspiera roboty wykończeniowe na Termach Maltańskich

Protym provides on-site support to the Maltan Water Park construction project

Recent events have brought on huge delays in major construction projects around Poland. During these types of situations it’s important to have an experienced and reliable supplier that can quickly and effectively provide you with proven solutions that will allow you to stay focused on completing your deadlines and achieving your targets.

Below is a post we took from our Facebook page written by Kamil Stefani, our business development specialist, who is bravely going out to some of our key jobsites and making sure that our clients have everything they need to be successful during these turbulent times. Kamil is an inspiration to us all at the office because he represents the spirit of doing business here at Protym today: we stand side-by-side our clients everyday – through wind rain or shine.

We welcome you to this very difficult moment for all of us.

As a contractor, have you decided to continue your progress on key jobsites? Have your deadlines been shortened or shifted unexpectedly?

We wanted to share a recent challenge we faced as a supplier on a high-profile jobsite last week.

We are a key supplier to a project in downtown Poznań called “Change to interior arrangements of Building B at Termy Maltanskie Poznan”. We are responsible for supplying construction chemicals for tiling and for mechanical works on concrete at the site. The technology and the solutions are based on products developed by Schonox and Sika. The very short deadline made us deal with a numer of challenges. One of the biggest challenges was obtaining the humidity level below 4% within 48 hours on a newly poured 20cm thick bottom slab.

To do this, we used a special concrete mix which was additionally covered by a buffer made from a 3mm layer of Sikagard EpoCem 720. This combination allowed us to achieve a humidity level of 3% on the third day which made it possible to start further works. Between pouring the bottom slab and applying the buffer we grinded the concrete in order to make it rougher and to remove the concrete laitance. To do this we used the proven and tested set of tools provided by HTC:

    The T5 Grinder 2.2 kW engine

    The D 30 3.6 kW 600 m3/h duster

    HTC EZ XX2 Gold Series tools When your jobsite presents a challenging problem, it’s great working with an experienced supplier that doesn’t shy away from trying out new solutions that can “save the day”, even when facing a humidity problem – an issue that can rarely be resolved on the same day.

If you have any questions regarding the presented technology feel free to contact us.

Good luck with your works and keep healthy and stay safe out there!

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