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Wyszło koncertowo

A round of applause.

Another prestigious university trusted Protym and entrusted our advisors with the project of repairing the stairs and the ramp for the disabled at the main entrance of the Academy of Music in Poznań.

The UB Szałata company, which deals with the general contracting of building structures, asked our company to propose technology, sell the necessary materials and advise on the repair of the driveway at the Music Academy located in the center of Poznań, opposite the Royal Castle. We couldn't refuse.

The vehicle repair concept consisted of several stages. It assumed heating to remove ice and snow during winter periods. Here, for the heating mat, we proposed SikaScreed HardTop 60 fast repair mortar on SikaScreed 20-EBB epoxy tack layer.

Then, after sanding, the whole was primed with Sikafloor 151 epoxy resin, and the remaining unevenness was leveled with a resin screed based on the same resin and a mixture of quartz sands.

In the following days, the contractor - the aforementioned company UB Szałata - painted the driveway twice with Sikafloor 3240 polyurethane resin, each time pouring a fresh layer of resin with quartz sand to obtain an anti-slip layer.

As a final coat, weather permitting, a seal coat of UV resistant Sikafloor 359 N polyurethane resin will be applied next week.

Our Technical and Commercial Advisor, Michał Jakubczyk, participated in all stages of the work, supervising the proper execution of individual works.


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