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Duratiq T5 w akcji!

Duratiq T5 in action!

Another challenge ahead of us, another presentation of the capabilities of HTC machines.
Set in action:

– Sander Duratiq T5 2.2 kW
– HTC D30 dust collector

At the request of the company Resintechs we came back to Wrocław to prepare the floor for a new resin coating. The work was carried out in the warehouse of the distributor company Nord Resine.

Scope of work to be performed:

- removal of the old coating
- removal of inequalities
- leveling, roughening the surface for resins

Tools used:

– HTC Superrep Series EZ T-REX Classic for removing 1-3mm coatings - removing coatings
-HTC Superrep Series EZ PREP 0 for 0-2mm coating removal -coating removal
-HTC Series EZ XX grinding -very hard concrete Mosh scale 7-9

The photos show the surface before and after the treatments.
The contractors also actively participated in the preparation of the surface to better understand the capabilities of the equipment.

After sanding, the surface was vacuumed with the HTC D30.

According to Portym , this is another satisfied customer,
and for us another new experience and an enlarged group of friends. Thank you for the invitation Resintechs .

We are looking forward to further invitations!

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