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Przygotowanie podłoża

Substrate preparation

The most commonly used methods for preparing substrates are:

  • shot blasting
  • milling
  • grinding
  • graining

Ravager has been specially developed to create a grained surface with a high degree of roughness. It is ideal for high adhesion and has a high ability to remove old and brittle coatings.

The HTC Ravager is a tool that fits a wide range of HTC grinders.

What is very important, having one grinder can be used for a wide range of works, i.e.:

  • floor preparation
  • concrete grinding
  • concrete polishing
  • processing of natural stone
  • sanding and care of terrazzo floors
  • treatment of wooden floors

The photos show the HTC Duratiq 6 grinder with a dust collector, which is equipped with tools called Ravager.

Ravager's task was to create a grained surface.

The final effect of the work is visible in one of the photos.

If you are interested in a wider range of HTC machines, please contact our sales department.

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