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Szkolenie Sika naprawianie betonu z pomocą produktów Sika HardTop Sika Balcony Sikafloor

Do you have a damaged floor? We have a way to fix it!

On Friday, May 13, 2022, a training course on Sika products was held at PROTYM, attended by 19 representatives of 10 contractor companies. In the first part of the training, various Sika flooring systems were presented for use inside industrial, public and domestic premises. Participants of the training could get acquainted with a wide range of resin and mineral floors and impregnations.

In the second part, the technology of quick repair of the floor using materials from the SikaScreed HardTop series was presented, ending with a demonstration of the SikaScreed HardTop-70 material. The Sika instructor showed the possibilities of this material, the ease of application on the floor and the possibility of creating slopes. This material, with a thickness of only 1.5 cm , can be troweled after 45 minutes . The repaired floor must be maintained under the foil for between 18 and 24 hours and is ready for use the next day.
Instead of foil care, it is also possible to close the repaired floor after approx. 2-3 hours after finishing troweling with Sikafloor 151 priming resin. After 24 hours, further layers of resin can be applied to the floor prepared in this way.

Next, Sikafloor 2640 textured fast-setting epoxy coating, which is ideal for weekend repairs in halls and garages, was discussed and shown. The second layer of this resin can be painted after approx. 6 hours from the application of the first layer. The next day, the resin floor is fully cured and ready for use.

Finally, Sika Balcony Premium and Sika Balcony Standard resin systems for balconies and terraces were presented. These systems meet various functional and aesthetic requirements, allowing for a very interesting arrangement of balconies and terraces.

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