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Remont tarasu – jak naprawić uszkodzenia?

Renovation of the terrace - how to repair the damage?

Sunday breakfast, a coffee break at work, a Friday meeting with friends - these are just some of the uses of the terrace, which is a multifunctional element of our houses and apartments. That is why it is so important not to postpone the repair of the terrace for later. How does the renovation of the terrace proceed depending on its construction? We explain.

When does the terrace structure need repair?

Even minor damage that does not affect the visual qualities of the structure too much should not be ignored. From the top, the terrace is exposed to freezing and sunlight, and moisture can penetrate into the terrace layer adjacent to the ground . The most common damage is:

  • cracked grout or tiles,
  • damp floor,
  • leaking waterproofing,
  • flooded walls of the building under the terrace,
  • thermal stresses,
  • corrosion of railing posts.

Renovation of the terrace on a concrete slab

The concrete base poured on the ground is usually covered with ceramic tiles. The tiles can become damaged over time and the grout may crumble. Repairing joints on the terrace is a bit simpler - at the beginning you can simply clean them and remove loose parts of the floor. The resulting gaps should be filled with joint mortar, preferably in the same color as the remaining joints. If the damage causes leaks at the interface of the terrace with the wall or around the balustrade posts, they are supplemented with polyurethane - Sikaflex 11FC or grout .

Replacing a single tile is also not a problem - the stairs begin with damage on the greater part of the floor. We are waiting for the old surface to be chipped, concrete repaired ( Sika Repair system) and under-tile insulation laid ( Sika Bond T8 , Sikalastic 152 ) . Only then do we lay new tiles. If the problem is not only the floor, but also the construction of the terrace, it may mean that the foundation has not been sufficiently compacted or it was built of inappropriate materials.

Which tiles to choose? Necessarily frost-resistant, non-slip and with low water absorption . It is good if they are also hard to wipe off - their appearance will please the eye for longer. In order for the tiles not to stick together, the adhesive mortar (for example, Sopro No.1 Extra ) must be evenly distributed. After pressing the tiles, the mortar may come out on the surface, therefore it is necessary to putty and level the surface.

A thorough renovation of the terrace above the room

Damage to the terrace, both above the heated and unheated room, results in water leaks in the house or apartment. Not only the facade is at risk, but also the interior of the building. When the entire waterproofing is destroyed, we cannot avoid a thorough repair of the terrace. Sometimes, however, it is only necessary to improve the sealing of the edge zone , if the edges or contact with the wall have not been properly sealed.

If the waterproofing of terraces is to be made over a heated room, first you will need to lay the insulation , and then a slab of concrete mixed with a sealing and frost-resistant agent. On the other hand, the renovation of a terrace over an unheated room does not require investment in insulation.

A metal drip cap should be installed in the layer of adhesive for ceramic tiles on the edges of the terrace. In order to protect the façade from water stains, special front and corner terrace profiles are used to finish the edges of the terrace.

Stages of repairing the terrace on the ground

A cobblestone or tile floor may collapse, but in most cases it will be the fault of a poorly made foundation that has not been properly compacted. The layers of the terrace must be laid anew:

  1. We dismantle the entire terrace structure - we remove the old layers.
  2. We lay the hardened and permeable substrate and strips of geotextile.
  3. We pour 20 cm of gravel or crushed aggregate.
  4. We put a layer of sand bedding, level it and compact it.
  5. We lay concrete cubes or terrace slabs. It is necessary to impregnate the floor - factory or made during the renovation of the terrace.
  6. We fill the spaces in the floor with fine sand.

In turn, wooden terraces on the ground or a concrete slab may have badly impregnated boards that will start to rot . One element can be replaced, but if the entire structure is destroyed, it will be necessary to dismantle and repair the entire terrace.

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