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AlChimica HyperSeal Expert-150 sealant 600ml

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Alchimica HYPERSEAL-EXPERT-150 Polyurethane sealant


HYPERSEAL-EXPERT 150 is an innovative low-modulus sealant designed to ensure high-quality bonding even at very high temperatures and high humidity. The polymer sealant has excellent thixotropic properties, enabling its use even with very large expansion gaps.

Capacity : 600ml

Available colors : gray, white

Binding occurs as a result of reaction with moisture contained in the atmosphere. After the polymerization process, the mass has a 50% accommodation coefficient and a permanent and strong bond with substrates traditionally considered problematic for polyurethane sealants, such as glass, aluminum, steel, polycarbonate. The extrusion index is constant over a wide range of temperatures and humidity.


Filling joints and expansion joints, sealing/gluing:

  • Precast concrete elements,
  • reinforced concrete panels,
  • Laying bricks and concrete blocks,
  • Water reservoirs and swimming pools,
  • metal frames,
  • Aluminum windows and panels,
  • Irrigation canals,
  • Glass,
  • Granite and marble.


  • Application directly to brittle surfaces is not recommended.
  • In the above case, the surface must be primed using MICROPRIMERTM, which will penetrate the surface, stabilize it and strengthen it, making it suitable for the application of sealing and adhesive mass.
  • In highly porous, dusty surfaces or poorly compacted concrete, a primer should be used to avoid the risk of bubbling in the event of a significant increase in temperature during the setting process of the sealant.


  • No bubbling/swelling when setting in difficult climatic conditions.
  • Excellent thixotropic properties.
  • Excellent bond with almost all materials used in construction, even without the use of a primer.
  • Excellent extrusion, easy extrusion and storage in a wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, use in swimming pools and tanks with chemically treated water.
  • Low module, accommodation 50%.
  • Resistance to microorganisms and fungi.
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures, suitable for use in places permanently exposed to temperatures >60°C.
  • Excellent frost resistance: remains flexible even below -40 °C.


Clean the expansion joint carefully, making sure it is not dirty with oil or other contaminants that could reduce adhesion, such as fats, stearin, silicone, etc.

No priming is required for most applications. When bonding highly porous surfaces, MICROPRIMERTM primer should be used at the application site to ensure high-quality bonding.

To ensure the correct width to depth ratio, fill the gap with an expansion cord.

Insert HYPERSEAL-EXPERT 150 into the applicator, cut off the tip of the package, and then insert the plastic nozzle tip included in the package.

Squeeze out the sealant making sure there is no air trapped in it. The applied mass must be compact and must not contain trapped air bubbles. Apply immediately after putting the mass into the applicator, after opening, use without undue delay.

The width to depth ratio should be 2:1, the recommended minimum depth is 10mm

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