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APP R-STOP Rust remover 100ml + APP Cup 300ml

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APP Rust remover + container

The set includes: 1 piece. the following items:

  • R-STOP APP - Rust agent, stopping corrosion 100 ml
  • APP Mixing Cup Pro - Cup 385/300ml
  • APP Mixing Cup Pro - Cup lid


Penetrating anti-corrosion agent that stops the development of corrosion.

Capacity: 100ml

Color: colorless

Penetrating anti-corrosion agent stopping the development of intergranular corrosion on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. When applied to a surface cleaned of flash rust, it removes moisture from corrosion centers and isolates them. Impregnated surfaces can be covered with polyester products and one- and two-component primers.


It is intended for bodywork repairs of passenger cars, delivery vans, trucks and buses.


The product is ready for use and prepared for brush application. Pour the amount of preparation intended for use into an empty container . Apply by brushing and rubbing. Do not pour the used contents of the preparation in the container into a can. It can be applied with a spray gun equipped with a ⌀1.2-⌀1.4 mm nozzle at an air pressure of 3.0 to 4.0 bar.


  1. Remove flash rust manually or mechanically.
  2. Clean dust and degrease the surface.


At +20°C:

  • Dust-free: 10-15 min.
  • Coverable: 30-60 min.

APP Mixing Cup Pro

Mug + cover

Made of flexible and durable material (PP) resistant to chemicals used in renovation and industrial paint shops.

Total capacity / scale on the cup: 385/300ml.

Advantages of cups:

  • Flexible and durable material (PP).
  • Tight lid.
  • The print is placed on the outside.
  • The scales are legible from the inside of the cup.
  • Mixing ratios: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1.
  • Thinner addition: 10%, 20%.
  • Capacitive scale with divisions every 50 ml.
  • "EASY OPEN" system.
  • Reinforced edges and bottom of the cup increasing its stiffness.
  • Stable base.

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