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APP R-STOP - Rust agent, stops corrosion, anti-corrosion

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APP R-STOP - corrosion stopping agent

Penetrating anti-corrosion agent APP R STOP is a preparation that stops the development of intergranular corrosion (rust) on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. Applied to a surface cleaned of tarnish rust, it removes moisture from corrosion centers and insulates them. Impregnated surfaces can be covered with polyester products, as well as one- and two-component primers.

Capacity : 100ml
Color : colorless

How to use R STOP rust preparation?


It is intended for repairs of car bodies, vans, trucks and buses.


The product is ready to use and prepared for application with a brush. Apply with a brush by rubbing. It can be applied with a spray gun equipped with a ⌀1.2-⌀1.4mm nozzle at an air pressure of 3.0 to 4.0 bar.


  1. Remove flash rust manually or mechanically.
  2. Remove dust and degrease the surface.


At +20°C:

  • Dust dry: 10-15 min.
  • Coverable: 30-60 min.
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