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BOLL adhesive and sealing mass 310ml polyurethane

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Capacity: 310ml

Used to seal joints between metal sheets, gutters, headlight brackets, roof windows and other body parts. Can be overpainted with all paint systems.

Available in: grey , black , white or beige .

Polyurethane adhesive and sealant is a one-component mass which with the participation of moisture contained in the air creates a strong seal. Thanks to the creamy, compact consistency, it does not drip and does not create contraction scratches. It has good adhesion to raw and varnished metal sheets, aluminium, glass, wood, plastics and concrete. It is resistant to oils, salt, water and weather conditions. Thanks to its elasticity combined with high strength, it acts as an anti-vibration and reinforcing mass for the structure of the car body. It is used to connect and seal joints between sheets in places such as welds, spot welds, overlap joints, etc.

It is also used to connect elements made of plastic, glass, metal, sealing car body elements such as headlight brackets, roof windows, etc. It does not contain silicone.


Unscrew the tip of the applicator and cut it so as to obtain the appropriate diameter of the joint. Break the aluminum seal. Screw on the tip of the applicator. Squeezing can be started with a manual or pneumatic squeezer.

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