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BOLL Glass mat for defects, repairs

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Weight: 300g/m²

Dimension: 0.5m²

The mat in combination with the BOLL polyester resin is used to fill significant losses of material in car bodies, boats, trailers, etc. as well as to strengthen and stiffen the structure of the repaired elements.

What is the BOLL glass mat?
Fiberglass is made of water glass, thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, as well as resistance to fire and abrasion, it is used in car body repair. Fiber combined with resin will serve us, among others. for repairs of car bodies, boats and caravans.

When will we need the BOLL glass mat?
We willingly reach for the glass mat when rust has settled in the body of our car. If we have an older car whose body has been "eaten" by rust, the glass mat will easily build up the defects and make us say goodbye to the problem once and for all. Glass wool used in construction can be used as an excellent insulating material.

How to repair the car body with a glass mat?

  1. First, we cut the mat to the dimensions of the future batten
  2. We remove the rusty paint with a grinder
  3. We remove all corrosion centers and degrease the surface
  4. We apply an anti-corrosion primer, e.g. epoxy or reactive
  5. the cut piece of glass mat is pressed into the hole or applied to the damaged place
  6. We soak the mat with resin, remembering about precision, because it hardens quickly
  7. After drying, the mat should be sanded and slightly matted
  8. We apply a primer that will fill the invisible gaps
  9. Before painting, the base should also be matted and sanded to make the surface as smooth as possible
  10. Finally, we paint the patched place with paint
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