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BOLL Rust neutralizer stops corrosion 400ml

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Capacity: 400ml (spray)

Color: amber (after reaction with rust, it forms a dark-glassy layer)

It is a product based on high quality epoxy resins. Thanks to its formula, it is characterized by excellent priming and anti-corrosion properties. At the same time, it acts as a primer as well as a base for subsequent layers, which can be various types of paints, varnishes and polyester putties. It has many different uses and can be applied directly to rust

Rust neutralizer
Both in workshop and home conditions, you may encounter the need to remove rust from various types of tools, car parts and elements made of metal. In order to prevent permanent damage to their surface, it is worth acting immediately. Rust should be removed only with the use of workshop chemicals intended for this purpose.

The action of the 2-in-1 neutralizer

Thanks to its dual BOLL recipe, the rust neutralizer is characterized not only by excellent rust removal, but also priming and anti-corrosion properties. This means that it can be used directly on rust, but it also works perfectly as a primer or primer for subsequent layers of surface surfaces. Elements protected with a 2in1 neutralizer become more resistant to recurrence of corrosion. The effectiveness of the 2in1 rust remover is determined, among others, by the presence of epoxy resins in its composition. It is thanks to them that the rust remover reduces the likelihood of rust reappearing on the metal surface. What's more, paints, varnishes and polyester fillers applied at a later time look much better.

BOLL rust remover 2in1 - how to use?

  • Remove any loose pieces of rust from the metal surface before cleaning it. It is worth doing it gently, without damaging the metal under the rust.
  • Degrease the cleaned surface and dry it thoroughly.
  • Before using the rust neutralizer, shake its container (for about 2 minutes).
  • Apply BOLL neutralizer from a distance of 20-30 cm on the surface cleaned of flash rust in 2-3 layers (without waiting for each of them to dry or for the solvents contained in them to evaporate).
  • Before applying another surface on such prepared elements, wait 6 hours and check the compatibility of the dried neutralizer with the next applied layer.

BOLL Rust neutralizer - reviews
As indicated by the opinions of our customers so far, the BOLL rust neutralizer turned out to be reliable in removing even the most stubborn rust from metal surfaces. Comments of real users of our products are visible with each description of the products in the offer. In case of difficulties with choosing the right preparation for a given application, please contact us.

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