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BOLL Rust remover for rusty screws 400ml

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Spray rust remover is used to remove oxides formed on the metal surface. The high-quality oil with excellent penetrating properties and the addition of MoS2 make the surface lubricated and permanently protected against mechanical and atmospheric factors, e.g. corrosion. Thanks to its properties, this agent allows you to unscrew rusted bolts and nuts, spark plugs. Cleans and preserves chains, braking systems, prevents the re-formation of rust. It works quickly and effectively.

CAPACITY : 400ml (spray)

Shake the container well for about 3 minutes before use. Apply the agent to the surface or rusty part. Remove rust and dirt after 5-15 minutes after the agent reaches the component, then unscrew the rusted part. After use, invert the can and spray until the valve is empty.

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