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BOLL Repair kit, resin + glass mat for repairs

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BOLL Repair kit consists of polyester resin (242 g), hardener (8 g) and glass mat (0.25 m2)

It is used both to fill significant losses of material in car bodies, boats, trailers, etc. as well as to strengthen and stiffen the structure of repaired elements. The resin has very good adhesion to metal, plastic surfaces, steel, glass, wood and concrete. It is resistant to temperatures up to 80°C, weather conditions, petrol, greases, oils, diluted acids and bases. It is characterized by high elasticity and short curing time. After hardening, it has a very high mechanical strength, can be sanded and covered with any polyester putties.


Sand the damaged surface, clean and degrease. Cut the glass mat to the desired dimensions. Add the hardener to the required amount of resin (approx. 2-3%) and mix thoroughly in the attached cup. Within a maximum of 10 minutes (at 20°C) apply the resin to the cleaned area. Then apply and press the cut mat with a brush or roller and apply the resin again. After about 45 minutes the resin is fully cured. If necessary, apply another layer on the still sticky surface.

NOTE : Do not pour the remaining resin/hardener mixture into the can

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