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BOSTIK GRIP A500 Multi universal primer 10KG

by Bostik
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Capacity: 10kg

White color

GRIP A500 MULTI is an efficient, ready-to-use primer that strengthens the adhesion of self-leveling compounds and floor coverings to absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.


Designed to strengthen the adhesion of both absorbent and non-absorbent horizontal surfaces. It may be diluted.


Concrete slabs, cement and anhydrite screeds, gypsum boards, surface concrete, old tiles and terracotta, old adhesive residues (acrylic, neoprene), old semi-flexible boards, wooden panels.


The substrate should be prepared in accordance with the building practice. It must be clean, load-bearing, smooth, dry (without capillary moisture), without cracks, degreased and dusted. Traces of old paints, adhesives, plasters and mortars as well as cement laitance should be mechanically removed.

If the residual moisture of the substrate is higher than the allowable limit, use the HYTEC E336 XTREM cut-off barrier.


Apply an even thin layer of 1:1 diluted GRIP A500 MULTI using a foam or short pile roller (approx. 100 g/m2/layer). Do not apply excessively and avoid creating puddles. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes. It may be necessary to apply several successive coats to completely impregnate the substrate. Apply successive layers perpendicularly to each other. After the primer dries, self-leveling compounds can be applied (the drying time depends on the substrate's absorptiveness, humidity, temperature conditions and the amount of applied primer). Non-absorbent surfaces: apply undiluted GRIP A500 MULTI with a short-pile roller. Allow 60 minutes to dry before applying the self-levelling compound. Anhydrite screed: using the CM method, check the moisture level of the substrate (it should be < 0.5%).

Sand the surface to remove any impurities (traces of paint, plaster, mortar, etc.) and anhydrite laitance. Apply undiluted GRIP A500 MULTI with a foam roller in the proportion of 100g/m2. After 24 hours, the self-levelling mortar can be poured.


Foam roller, short pile roller.


Consumption is 75 g/m2/layer.


Remove fresh stains and dirt on tools with water.


The drying time depends on the climatic conditions and the type of substrate (see Directions for use).


Turn off underfloor heating 48 hours before starting work. Reactivation may take place gradually after 48 hours from the completion of work.

The drying time must be observed. Read the data on the label and the product safety data sheet.

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