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BOSTIK H550 flexible adhesive sealant - 290ml

by Bostik
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Capacity: 290ml

SEAL'N'BOND ALL-IN-ONE H550 is a universal, one-component, hybrid adhesive-sealant for general construction and industrial applications. For indoor and outdoor applications, including indirect contact with food and in wet rooms, as well as for floor and facade expansion joints.


  • Permanently elastic in a wide range of temperatures and changing weather conditions
  • After hardening, it can be effectively and conveniently painted without scratches, cracks and discoloration
  • Does not contain isocyanates, silicone, solvents
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High deformation capacity ± 25%
  • Well compensates for oscillations and vibrations


Very good adhesion to most materials without priming, e.g. concrete, stone, terrazzo, fiber cement, plasters, screeds, building ceramics, varnished or impregnated wood, MDF, HDF, cork, plywood, chipboard, enameled steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, copper, lead, tiles, terracotta, stoneware, glass, glass, sanitary ceramics, porcelain, PVC, PU, ​​HPL and similar types of plastics.


100 ml / 1 m of grout with a cross-section of 10 mm x 10 mm = 100 mm².

By multiplying the joint width (mm) by the joint depth (mm) we get the number of milliliters / 1 m.


  • Bonding various building materials and finishing elements (insulation materials, window sills, wall decorations, thresholds, finishing strips, masking strips, plinths, wall panels, furniture joinery, etc.
  • General construction and industrial seals, facade and floor expansion joints (walkways, sidewalks, warehouse floors, ramps, maneuvering areas, car parks, vehicular traffic, etc.)
  • Refrigeration equipment, containers, auto-coolers, sandwich panels, food industry plants
  • Sealing roof joints
  • Sealing of window/door-wall joints (wooden, metal and PVC joinery)
  • Flexible sealing of steel structures (halls, warehouses, sheds, silos, containers, tanks and similar types of structures)
  • Corner seals in ceramic tiles (terraces, balconies)



The substrate must be dry, clean and degreased. It is recommended to carry out an adhesion test before using on plastic substrates or paint coatings. For porous or absorbent surfaces, use Bostik Universal Primer T300. After priming wait min. 15 minutes (max. 4 h) before applying the mass.

Concrete must be fully cured and seasoned. Sealed floors, screeds, underlayments and other similar types of surfaces must be insulated against the negative impact of water. If necessary, first fill the gaps with a foam expansion cord. Place the cord in the slot to the required depth carefully so as not to damage it. In the case of shallow gaps where there is no room for the cord, cover the bottom of the gap with PE tape to avoid three-way contact. The edges of the gap can be covered with masking tape to avoid dirt. The tape should be removed immediately after applying the mass and shaping its surface. Use Bostik Finishing Soap T500 to smooth the joint surface. The grout should have a shape that allows water to flow freely over it.


In case of use of the product as an adhesive : apply in parallel vertical stripes at small intervals (10-20 cm - depending on the size of the glued elements). Do not apply on points. Heavy elements should be supported or otherwise secured against displacement until initial curing. For this purpose, you can use double-sided adhesive tape with a thickness of 3 mm, which will additionally ensure the proper thickness of the adhesive joint and ventilation between the glued surfaces.

In case of use of the product as a sealant: apply the mass slowly, carefully filling the entire cross-section of the gap, so as not to close the air in it. Profile the mass surface with a spatula and smooth it within 10 minutes of application. The curing rate of the product depends on the ambient temperature and air humidity. As temperature and humidity levels increase, the polymerization process proceeds faster. In addition, the curing time depends on the cross section of the joint. Provide effective ventilation until the grout is fully cured.


Fresh soiling can be removed with Bostik Universal Cleaner T100. Cured material can only be removed mechanically. Use special Bostik Cleaning Wipes T150 for hand cleaning.

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