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BOSTIK H785 MAMUT mounting adhesive strong gray 600ml

by Bostik
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BOSTIK H785 Strong assembly adhesive

HIGH TACK H785 is a permanently elastic, one-component hybrid adhesive with high density and viscosity, for general construction and industrial applications. Recommended for particularly demanding applications ( gluing heavy elements or high loads ). Provides an immediate initial grip without support.

Capacity : 600ml

Grey colour

For indoor and outdoor applications. This is the equivalent of the products BOSTIK Den Braven Mamut Glue or SIKA Sikaflex 118 Extreme Grab .


  • The ideal adhesive for heavy-duty or critical applications in construction and industry, providing immediate grip
  • Very good adhesion to most building materials, without primer, including dry and damp, smooth and porous, absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, vertically and horizontally
  • Non-aggressive and chemically neutral (can be used to attach mirrors)


Very good adhesion to most building materials without priming, e.g. concrete, stone, plasterboard, plasters, screeds, building ceramics, clinker, varnished or impregnated wood, MDF, HDF, cork, plywood, chipboard, enamelled steel, stainless steel, aluminum , zinc, copper, lead, tiles, terracotta, stoneware, glass, glass, mirrors, sanitary ceramics, porcelain, PVC, PU, ​​HPL and similar types of plastics.


When applied according to the recommendations, the glue path has a triangular shape with a base of approx. 9 mm and a height of 9 mm. In this way, from one 290 ml package you can obtain approximately 4.2 meters of glue bead. When gluing flat materials (e.g. cladding, boards, etc.) using strips with spacing of approx. 20-25 cm, one 290 ml cartridge is enough for approx. 1 m² of material.


Bonding of heavy or heavily loaded building materials and various finishing elements, including: finishing strips, frames, thresholds, plinths, furniture joinery (countertops, shelves, fronts, recess construction), window sills, cornices, cladding, insulating materials, mirrors, masking panels, housings, boards, screens, panels, wainscoting, etc.



The substrate must be clean and degreased. Before using on plastic substrates or paint coatings, it is recommended to perform an adhesion test. For joints with highly porous or highly absorbent surfaces, use Bostik Universal Primer T300. After priming, wait at least 15 minutes (max. 4 hours) before applying the glue.


Apply on one side with parallel, vertical strips at small intervals (10-30 cm - depending on the size and weight of the glued elements). Do not apply in spots. Use an applicator with a V-notch. The thickness of the glue joint after joining the glued materials is 2-3 mm. This distance will ensure optimal bonding conditions, effective ventilation and permanent transfer of deformations.

Without ventilation, the adhesive may harden only on the edges, and in the inner part it will remain uncured for a long time, which will not allow the adhesive joint to achieve the declared mechanical strength. The rate of hardening of the product depends on the ambient temperature and air humidity. As the temperature and humidity level increase, the polymerization process proceeds faster.


Fresh dirt can be removed with Bostik Universal Cleaner T100. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically. To clean your hands, use special Bostik Cleaning Wipes T150 cleaning cloths.

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