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Bostik P705 High-performance gun foam 870ml

by Bostik
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It is a single-component, high-performance low-pressure polyurethane gun foam for assembly, insulating and sealing applications. The foam binds under the influence of a chemical reaction with moisture found in atmospheric air and building materials.

Capacity : 870ml


  • Installation of window or door frames, window sills, roller blinds and similar finishing elements made of wood, steel, aluminum, PVC, etc.
  • Filling cracks and gaps in joints between elements of building partitions, partitions and partitions
  • Filling gaps, passages and grooves for pipes and installation cables in walls, ceilings and roofs
  • Filling roof joints, gaps around chimneys and roof windows
  • Filling gaps between EPS, XPS, PU insulation boards in external wall and foundation insulation systems
  • Frame construction (soundproofing, joining and sealing of prefabricated elements)


Very good adhesion to most building materials, e.g. concrete, aerated concrete, porous ceramics, silicate, gypsum, stone, gypsum cardboard, plasters, varnished or impregnated wood, MDF, HDF, chipboard, steel, aluminum, PVC, PU, ​​PES and plastics of a similar type.


To increase the adhesion strength, speed up the foam's binding time and improve its structure, moisten the substrate with water using a sprayer before application. The substrate must be clean and degreased. Before using on plastic surfaces or paint coatings, it is recommended to perform an adhesion test. Smooth plastic, enameled or glazed surfaces require particularly careful degreasing using solvent-based agents. In some cases, additional sanding of the surface (matting) may improve adhesion. HOW TO USE Shake vigorously before use (at least 20 times) to thoroughly mix the foam ingredients. If work has been interrupted, shake again before use. Remove the cap. Screw the gun onto the cylinder. Within 30-45 minutes of application, the foam will increase its volume by at least several dozen percent in relation to the initial volume and approximately 65 times in relation to the capacity of the cylinder, so it is recommended to fill the gaps by approximately 50% (60-70% in the case of larger slots). After finishing work and emptying the cylinder, clean the gun using the Bostik Foam'N'Clean Power P100 cleaner. Fill gaps wider than 4 cm and deeper than 5 cm in layers. Before applying the next layer, wait 10-15 minutes and moisten the surface with water again. When installing window joinery, the door frame should be immobilized and secured in accordance with applicable regulations using wedges and spacers. Three spacers per hole are recommended for approximately 24 hours after foam application. After complete hardening, cut off excess foam. The hardened foam can be covered with mortar, acrylic, paint, etc. Do not use the foam in places without access to air, exposed to constant exposure to water and direct sunlight (protect the surface of the foam from UV after setting). It is recommended to wear protective clothing, protective gloves and glasses while working. Protect the surroundings of the workplace (e.g. floors, windows) with plastic or paper foil. Do not use near fire. The rate of foam binding is strongly dependent on the ambient temperature and air humidity. As the temperature and humidity level increase, the polymerization process proceeds faster. Moreover, the binding rate depends on the absorbency (vapour permeability) of the surface, the temperature of the can, the age of the product, the method of application, the cross-section of the applied foam layer, the degree of water sprinkling of the surface, etc.


Minimum width: 4 mm Maximum width: 40 mm (when installing doors, it is recommended that the gap between the wall and the frame be a maximum of 20 mm)

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