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Bostik Tiger Adhesive for EPS/XPS polystyrene boards 750ml

by Bostik
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Bostik Tiger EPS/XPS Adhesive for polystyrene boards

One-component polyurethane adhesive in aerosol, for application with a foam gun, for mounting EPS and XPS insulation boards in external wall insulation systems, foundations and basement walls.

Capacity : 750ml


  • low expansion formula - low growth
  • high precision and control of application
  • very good thermal insulation - λ = 0.0348 W/(m*K)
  • high dimensional stability and mechanical resistance
  • low water absorption
  • doweling of boards just 2 hours after application
  • very short preparation time for the product compared to traditional cement adhesive mortars
  • very good working properties, comfort and cleanliness of work, convenient transport (low weight and volume of goods), low storage costs
  • no risk of thermal bridges due to glue getting into the gaps between the boards (unlike traditional cement adhesive mortars)
  • ease of application (all you need is a foam gun, no need for buckets, mixer, putty, trowels, access to water, electricity, etc.)
  • for traditional and gray polystyrene with the addition of graphite, with increased thermal insulation properties
  • after hardening, chemically neutral, resistant to a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +90°C and the development of fungi and molds
  • very good adhesion to concrete, construction ceramics, silicates, plaster and masonry mortars, wood, steel, metals
  • does not contain (H)CFC, PCB and formaldehyde


  • insulation of external walls of buildings using the jointless method (attaching EPS polystyrene boards to the concrete substrate)
  • thermal insulation of foundations, basement walls and similar underground parts of buildings (fixing EPS polystyrene boards, XPS polystyrene to mineral and bituminous substrates)
  • filling gaps between insulation boards, gaps resulting from cutting boards - vertical expansion joints in walls
  • thermal insulation of roofs and flat roofs
  • sealing joints, e.g. at external window sills, parapet tiles, balcony slabs, basement windows or ground floor windows (applies to newly constructed buildings and those undergoing renovation)

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