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BRUNOX DEO - Grease for shock absorbers - SPRAY

by Inny
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Preparation for cleaning and lubricating bicycle shock absorbers

Capacity: 200ml (spray)

CLEAN - Thanks to its penetrating properties, it penetrates deep under the gasket. It dissolves deposits there and softens any dust that collects on the surface of the shin basically after each ride. The preparation cleans the shock absorber effectively and safely for the surface of the legs and for seals.

LUBRICATES - The preparation creates a thin, non-drying film with delicate lubricating properties, which adds smoothness to the operation of shock absorbers (reduces friction of the shin) and all types of actuators. This definitely extends their lifespan.

MAINTAINS - It has very good anti-corrosion properties. It leaves a transparent, thin protective layer that repels water. It is neutral to rubber, plastic and varnishes.


Apply DEO to a clean fork leg, wait 30 seconds and press it several times - thanks to this, the dirt will "come out" from under the seal. Wipe the dirt off the lag with a cloth. Repeat the process until the lag is clean. Apply a small amount to the seals - this prevents them from drying out and cracking. Thanks to this, they fulfill their protective function with maximum efficiency for longer. Wipe off any excess product from the leg and seals.

To maximize the service life and extend the time between shock absorber inspections, use DEO after every ride and necessarily after every bike wash! During competitions, we recommend using it before each race.

Chemical properties

  • Color: Colorless
  • pH value: Neutral
  • Coating characteristics: creeping
  • Efficiency: about 100 - 120 m²/l
  • Do not contain: silicone, PTFE, graphite
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