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BRUNOX Top Kett Oil Chain lubricant 100ml

by Inny
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Swiss lubricant for bicycle chains

Capacity: 100ml

High-quality preparation for lubrication and maintenance of the chain and other moving parts. It guarantees 5 times longer anti-corrosion protection than other agents.


  • penetrates very well
  • does not cause increased adhesion of dirt and dust
  • it is resistant to washing away by rain and salt water
  • forms a thin, non-drying coating
  • works great both in summer and winter
  • indicated in changing weather conditions
  • very handy packaging

Brunox® Top-Kett® is suitable for lubrication and maintenance of most chain-based mechanisms: bicycle/e-bike drive, light motorcycles (e.g. small scooter), in forklifts.


The technologically advanced preparation ensures lubrication of the bicycle chain in all weather conditions. It creates a uniform lubricating layer that guarantees efficient and light operation of the bicycle chain and extends its life. Withstands high loads caused by pressure, dirt and moisture.


It forms a very uniform, non-drying corrosion protection layer that also penetrates hard-to-reach corners and edges. Protects the chain from corrosion during storage/transport.


  • Remember! Before using the preparation, the chain and the entire drive system should be cleaned.
  • Shake vigorously before use.
  • Apply the preparation to each chain link.
  • We recommend leaving the chain for about 20-30 seconds so that the preparation penetrates into the gaps between the cooperating elements, then gently wipe off the excess grease with a cloth.
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