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EVERCOAT 440 EXPRESS Insulator, primer 118ml

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440 Express is a patented 1K primer produced from very effective, highest quality resins based on the latest micro technology. In 30 seconds you can streamline your process by significantly reducing the micro holes in your repair that cause many painting problems.

Capacity : 118ml

Apply a thin coat of 440 Express Primer to the repair surface as a base coat. The 1K premium resin begins to act as a protective layer, insulating the repair surface before painting. It is difficult to see micro holes and grinding marks, and the scratches are completely filled. After application, neither sanding nor cleaning is necessary before painting.

Covering and insulating the repaired surface affects the effectiveness of the primer - saving at least one layer and also reduces the impact of thinners on the mapping effect.

This simple step in the process eliminates 90% of rework and ensures an optimal, consistent standard of repair. 440 Express is an ideal product for preparing plastic parts, such as bumpers.

The most important features:

  • Optimal surface preparation, patented 1K Polyester technology
  • It insulates the surface and avoids too much primer
  • Reduces foundation consumption by approximately 30%
  • Appropriate filling of small holes and traces of finishing sanding
  • Avoiding traces of repair
  • Prevents paint defects caused by excess primer



440 Express is a 1K primer with premium resin for eliminating micro holes and surface scratches and for sanding. This is ideal surface preparation before the next step in the process.

Apply a thin, even coat of 440 Express as the final step before primer.


Exceptional adhesion to various types of sanded substrates such as: OE varnish and clear varnish, steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel, plastic composites, plastics, SMC, polyester putty


Sand the repair surfaces with grit P180 or finer. Remove dust with a compressor.


Mix before use making sure the premium resins are well mixed.


Apply a small amount of 440 EXPRESS (a teaspoon) to a sponge (104439) or a clean lint-free paper towel and rub the repaired surface in circular motions. For larger repairs or where holes are identified, a second application is advisable. Wipe the remaining material with a clean paper towel. The applied material should be thin and even.

Tip: If there is too much material left, allow it to dry for 15 minutes and gently remove it with a P180 - P320 abrasive.


After drying for 15 minutes, the surface can be covered with a primer, according to the varnish manufacturer's instructions. Sanding and cleaning are not required before painting.

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