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EVERCOAT FIBER TECH Polyester putty reinforced with Kevlar fiber

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Fiber Tech is a reinforced Kevlar polyester putty that is easy to use and without compromising on strength.

Fiber Tech perfectly combines the advantages of various fiberglass technologies. Short high-tech fibers enable smooth and even application, comparable to polyester putty. The addition of Kevlar adds stability and strength.

These special features make the product an ideal choice for repairing parts such as fenders, spoilers, bumper and sill extensions (fiberglass), etc.

Capacity : 814g

Thanks to ZNX-7 Fiber Tech technology, it offers exceptional adhesion to aluminum, SMC and many metal substrates.

The high density and strength of the product effectively protects against cracking of welds and masks the repair surface.

The most important features:

  • Polyester putty reinforced with Kevlar fiber
  • Incredibly strong thanks to Kevlar
  • Smooth and easy application thanks to short and long fibers, hi-tech fibers
  • Exceptional grip quality
  • Easy sanding



FIBER TECH Polyester putty reinforced with Kevlar fiber for repairing and filling parts such as fenders, spoilers, bumper and sill inserts, engine compartment and welds.


Exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrates such as OE and clear paint, steel, galvanized steel, zinc-coated steel, aluminum, composites, plastics, SMC, polyester putty.


Before sanding, clean the repair surface by removing dirt, grease and wax from the P40-P80 repair surface. Remove dust. The repair surface must be completely dry before applying the product.


The mixing factor is 2% by weight. Place the required amount of material on a clean, degreased putty mixing pallet and add 2% hardener. Refer to the illustration on the product lid and select the appropriate amount. Mix the material to obtain a uniform mass of uniform color. Use only EVERCOAT hardener.


First, apply a very thin layer of the mixed material to the repair surface. This will result in an optimal application, without fine holes with excellent adhesion. Increase the required repair depth by layering the product. Do not apply to a fresh, not completely dry surface. Allow to dry completely before finishing.


After 15-20 minutes you can start the sanding process. Initially, the surface can be sanded with P80 grit.

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