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Flowcrete Protop 1000 - epoxy resin for substrates 15 kg

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Protop 1000 is a two component, colorless, solvent free, low viscosity epoxy resin.

Product features:
• Very good ground penetration
• High mechanical strength
• High chemical resistance
• Easy application

• For priming concrete substrates, cement and anhydrite screeds
• As a binder in resin-quartz mortars and putties
• As a primer and construction layer in the Peran STB system

Protop 1000 is available in sets:
• 15 kg - Base A: 10.7 kg and hardener B: 4.3 kg

The temperature of the substrate must be 3°C above the dew point temperature during application and initial resin setting.

The material should be applied on a properly prepared substrate in accordance with the Installation Manual of a given system.

Do not allow the ambient temperature to drop below +5°C during the first 24 hours after laying.

Too high relative humidity of the air in the early stage of resin curing may cause the appearance of white, matt discoloration on the floor surface.

Material preparation:
Add hardener B to base A and mix using a low-speed mixer for 3 minutes.

The material retains its properties for a period of 6 months from the date of production (given on the packaging), provided that it is stored in a dry place, in factory-closed containers at a temperature of +5°C to +40°C. The product should be protected against freezing and direct sunlight.

Uncured material must be removed immediately with a solvent (acetone, xylene). Cured resin can only be removed mechanically.

health and safety:
Proper ventilation of the rooms where the floor is applied should be ensured. Use appropriate personal protective equipment. Before using the material, read its Material Safety Data Sheets.

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