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K2 ABRA - health and safety paste for washing hands 500ml

by K2
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K2 ABRA hand washing paste is intended for cleaning, protection and care of hands . It has an advanced, modern formula based on an innovative abrasive that improves mechanical properties and facilitates cleaning. Thanks to the consistency, reminiscent of a delicate plastic mass or fluffy cake, it is extremely pleasant to use.


It has a brilliant, fresh and invigorating, lemon fragrance with the intensity of aromatic oils.

K2 ABRA easily removes stubborn dirt , perfectly copes with greases, fats, oils, paints, varnishes, soot, coal dust, bitumen products, rust, adhesives and other hard-to-remove impurities.

Easy to use. K2 ABRA paste is lighter than water, so it rinses off easily , which makes hand washing faster and saves a lot of time.

Tough on dirt and gentle on hands . It has a neutral pH and moisturizing ingredients that prevent hand dryness. Dermatologically tested.

Does not contain mineral abrasives. Innovative abrasive minimizes the risk of sewage clogging. Biodegradable. It can be stored for a long time without losing its quality and washing properties.

A small amount of paste is enough to effectively clean your hands. K2 ABRA is efficient and extremely economical to use.


Thanks to its innovative properties, K2 ABRA hand paste with abrasive is widely used in vehicle mechanics workshops, body and paint workshops, industry, mining, crafts, etc.

Irreplaceable in households where it helps to maintain cleanliness during renovations, construction and garden works, etc.

A must-have in the workshop, garage, garden and home. Wherever you work with your bare hands and they get dirty.


  1. Apply a little paste on wet hands and rub it in thoroughly.
  2. Rinse your hands with water after washing.
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