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BRUNOX Epoxy rust neutralizer 2in1 400ml spray

by Inny
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Rust remover and epoxy primer in one

Capacity: 400ml (spray)

Rust removal and corrosion prevention system. Application and operation as:

  • rust remover
  • epoxy primer for industrial protection of structures, installations, machines, vehicles, etc.

Brunox® Epoxy is a patented epoxy based rust removal system.

The transparent, amber-colored liquid forms an organic iron compound with the neutralized corrosion layer. The resulting black, very compact and resistant layer provides long-term anti-corrosion protection and, thanks to the content of epoxy resin, is also an excellent priming layer.

This preparation is ideal for the renovation of machines, installations and vehicles. Thanks to particularly good penetration into pores caused by corrosion and perfect formation of a protective layer (no traces of brush strokes), excellent efficiency and the possibility of applying various coatings (paints, varnishes, putties - also chemically hardened) are ensured.


Wherever iron and steel rust occurs - indoors and outdoors. Not suitable for underwater use.


  • Appearance: amber clear liquid
  • Heat resistance: 180°C for 10 minutes, constant temp. max. 80°C


Application temperature

Ideal temperature: room temperature 20°C. Do not use BRUNOX® Epoxy below 10°C.

Preparation of areas affected by rust

Remove loose rust, dirt and paint residues (wire brush, sandpaper, sander, water or sandblasting), degrease.

In addition, steel cleaned of rust must be free of dust and grease (blow dust off or remove with a cloth dampened with water, degrease).

ATTENTION! Compressed air may contain oils that can cause adhesion problems!

ATTENTION! Do not use any solvents, thinners or silicone to prepare the surface!


Spray from a distance of about 25 cm in 3-4 layers crosswise. After the first spray, allow BRUNOX® Epoxy Spray to dry for approximately 30-40 minutes and after the second spray, allow to dry until both coats are tack free.

Reapply layers every 30-40 minutes. The last layer of BRUNOX® Epoxy Spray should dry until no fingerprint can be left when pressed with a fingernail.

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