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Loctite 5075 – Silicone sealing tape

by Henkel
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Dimensions: 2.5cm x 4.27m

Non-sticky, self-fusing multi-purpose tape resistant to extreme conditions. This innovative tape does not contain any glue. Once stretched and wrapped around a surface, the tape fuses together, instantly sealing and protecting the area from air and water leakage, corrosion and scratches. In addition, the tapered edges of the belt ensure an even thickness.


  • Non-sticky, self-fusing multi-purpose tape
  • When stretched, it triples its dimensions
  • Resistant to extreme conditions
  • It shows self-adhesiveness
  • It immediately seals air and water leaks, cracks, scratches and cavities caused by corrosion

Typical application areas

In industry:

  • Electrical insulation (assembly and repair of installations),
  • Hydraulic sealing (hoses, pipes, tees, etc.)
  • For wrapping (e.g. cable connections, handles, connectors, instead of "sleeves"),
  • For masking, leaves no traces.

In the automotive industry:

  • Emergency repair of cooling system pipes,
  • Wrapping handles and clamps,
  • Suspending, fixing, immobilizing cables and wires,
  • Temporary fixations.

In the marine industry:

  • Wrapping rope ends,
  • Wrapping of attachment connections,
  • underwater repair work,
  • Repairs of exhaust systems,
  • Repair and protection of cracks in handrails, pipes,
  • Reinforcement of brackets, fastening and sealing of flexible cooling pipes,
  • Wrapping the fender connections

Technical data

  • 2.5cm x 427cm
  • Operating temperature range -54°C to + 260°C
  • Tensile strength: up to 5 MPa (700 PSI)
  • UV resistance
  • Dielectric strength: up to 16 kV/mm (400 VPM)
  • Resistant to sea water, fuels and acids
  • Wet use possible
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