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T-REX SUPER tools for surface preparation - 3 pcs.

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Type: EZ T-REX Super A (3pcs)

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Husqvarna T-REX Series


Superprep tools allow you to perform the most difficult tasks. The thickness of the coating to be removed determines which tool (and technique) to use. For best results, make sure the correct construction vacuum is connected to the floor sander.

The T-REX series includes Dome, Super, Classic and Rings tools.

Dome tools are designed for tough material stripping operations such as removing epoxy, adhesive or cement coatings over 3mm thick. The tool consists of a single polycrystalline diamond (PCD) segment and a PCD dome. Combining the forces of both parts results in a highly efficient tool for preparing the substrate for thicker coatings.

Super tools are ideally suited to our larger grinders, generating the power needed to optimize productivity. These tools have the power to remove coatings up to 3mm thick.

The Classic tools are an excellent option for our smaller grinders, as fewer segments per tool means more weight and power to the substrate.

The design of the Rings tools enables them to machine even the most uneven surfaces. They are also equipped with special channels for effective dust removal and heat dissipation, thanks to which they keep polycrystalline diamond clean and high performance for a longer time.

The purpose of the protective segment in some tools is to provide them with greater durability and greater control over the removal process. All tools are available in both A and B versions.

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