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Bostik PE Round - Polyethylene expansion cord

by Bostik
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Diameter: 6mm

Stock Available: 1370

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PE ROUND PROFILE - is a foam expansion cord designed for profiling the cross-section of gaps to be filled with flexible sealants, such as hybrids, polyurethanes or silicones, etc.

Quantity: 1mb

Available diameters (mm) : 6, 10, 15/16, 20, 24/25, 30, 40

APPLICATIONS - Shaping the depth (shallowing) of gaps in order to prevent three-sided contact of the sealing compound with the substrate and to obtain the required cross-section of the joint

HOW TO USE - The diameter of the cord should be 30-50% greater than the width of the slot. When laying the cord in the gap, do not use sharp tools so as not to damage it and prevent the formation of pores or unevenness on the surface of the joint due to the release of gas from damaged cord cells.


  • Closed cell structure (polyethylene)
  • Waterproof - High chemical resistance and resistance to UV and aging (compression and expansion movements)
  • For horizontal and vertical joints, static joints and expansion joints
  • Pliable and flexible (does not restrict movement of the sealant in the joint)
  • The oval shape of the cord has a positive effect on the shape of the joint dimension and seal durability (greater side contact surface of the mass in relation to the central depth of the filling)
  • Reduces the consumption of sealing compounds (smaller filling of the gap)
  • Convenient and fast application

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