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Sika 6440 chassis maintenance, lamb + gun

by Sika
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Undercarriage maintenance kit - Sika

Set contains:

  • SikaGard 6440 1L (black) - 4 pieces ,
  • Adjustable maintenance gun (+ hose) - 1 piece ,

Depending on the batch, the gun may differ visually and the length of the hose.

SikaGard®-6440 is a durable, thixotropic protective coating based on rubber, with excellent anti-corrosion and soundproofing properties. It effectively protects the vehicle chassis against stone or gravel impacts and has exceptional performance characteristics. Easy to recreate the original factory structure. Suitable for painting . After drying, it forms a durable layer that prevents damage to the metal by impacts and corrosion.

SikaGard®-6440 is a sprayable anti-corrosion coating for the repair and protection of exposed painted car parts such as sills, wheel arches, front and rear fenders and underbody components.

Method of application

Surface preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, rust and grease. Bare metal must be suitably treated to enhance corrosion protection (e.g. bare steel, etc.).


SikaGard®-6440 is applied by airless spray equipment with a working pressure of 3 - 6 bar, e.g. Sika® SCP Gun (pressure type) or Sika® UBC Gun (vacuum type). Shake approx. 40 times before use. Cover the elements adjacent to the field to be sprayed. Spray at room temperature, from a distance of approx. 25 cm, maintaining a cross-layer arrangement. Apply a continuous layer of material.

SikaGard®-6440 does not drip when applied. Spray until the desired film thickness is obtained. When a thicker coat is required, the individual coats must be completely dry before the next application. Different surface textures can be obtained by changing the spraying technique.

Do not spray on parts of the engine, exhaust and brake systems.


The fresh layer of SikaGard®-6440 is removed from tools and equipment with Sika® Remover208 or other suitable product. After drying, SikaGard®-6440 can only be removed mechanically. Hands and exposed skin should be cleaned immediately with Sika® Handclean towels or a suitable industrial hand cleaner and water. Do not use solvents!


SikaGard®-6440 can be overpainted after complete drying (approx. 24 hours) with commercially available paint systems. The drying time can be shortened by increasing the temperature to 60°C. Due to the different adhesion and compatibility of paints, it is necessary to carry out preliminary tests.

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