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Sika Baudispersion - emulsion for modification of mixes and mortars

by Sika
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Polymer emulsion for modifying concrete mixes and mortars.

Sika Baudispersion PL is a liquid polymer additive based on carboxylated styrene butadiene latex.


Sika Baudispersion PL is used to modify the properties of concrete mixes, mortars, plasters, etc. The product has a wide range of applications:

  • as a polymerizing additive for structural concrete (e.g. floor concrete),
  • as a polymer component of PCC mortars
  • as a polymer component of bonding layers between new and old concrete,
  • modifying the properties of plasters, fillers, jointing mortars and many other types of cement-based mineral mixtures.


  • It liquefies cement mixtures
  • Improves stability and workability
  • It polymerizes the cement binder
  • Increases adhesion to the ground
  • Seals and increases corrosion resistance
  • It lowers the modulus of elasticity
  • Increases resistance to the penetration of harmful substances
  • Allows to obtain screeds with B-25 final parameters (made according to recipes)
  • It allows to obtain 50% of the final strength after 5 days
  • Allows laying ceramic tiles 5 days after screeding

Capacity : 10kg

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