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Sika Extender T thickener for Sikafloor resins 1kg

by Sika
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  • Application in conjunction with Sikafloor epoxy, polyurethane and polymethacrylate (PMMA) resins
  • Application on horizontal surfaces to create custom surface textures
  • Application on vertical surfaces to hold resin in place while curing
  • Filling cracks and pores for sealing horizontal and vertical surfaces


  • Allows you to adjust the viscosity of Sikafloor materials
  • Economical, easy to mix and use
  • Does not affect resin pot life and curing speed
  • Slow addition to the resin is necessary to obtain a change in its viscosity
  • It is not carcinogenic
  • Indifferent and unreactive



General recommendations:

The required amount of Sika Extender T is added to the Sikafloor resin according to the relevant Product Data Sheet while mixing for approximately 15 seconds, and mixing is continued until a homogeneous, lump-free mix is ​​obtained.


  • Sika® Extender T should not be mixed by hand.
  • Adding Sika Extender T too quickly to the resin may affect the gloss of the finished surface.
  • Adding Sika Extender T too quickly to the resin may affect adhesion.
  • Sika Extender T may be visible in some transparents

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