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Sika Igol 10kg - anti-moisture bitumen emulsion

by Sika
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Sika Igol is a water-based, solvent-free bitumen-latex emulsion used for anti-moisture, water-repellent and impregnation coatings. The high content of dry matter (55-60%) ensures the formation of a durable protective coating, resistant to moisture and aggressive substances contained in the ground.

Effective anti-moisture and water protection of roofs, flat roofs, floors, concrete screeds, basements, baths, footings and foundations. Maintenance and renovation of asphalt roofing. Jointless and felt-free roof coatings reinforced with mesh and technical non-woven fabrics. Protecting concrete against corrosion and moisture. Priming and undercoat layers (after dilution with water) under heat-weldable roofing felts, adhesives, emulsions, asphalt masses and solutions. Indoor and outdoor use.

Ready to use material. Bitumen-latex emulsion can be used on dry and damp substrates. Water-soluble, solvent-free. Excellent penetration into the pores and capillaries of mineral substrates. The product is safe for the natural environment. Possibility of contact with mineral wool and polystyrene. Thixotropic properties. Choose proven, professional solutions and secure your surface.

Consumption: 0.5 - 1.0 kg/m2 per coat, depending on the type of substrate and application.

Color: Black

Packaging: 10 kg can

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