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Sika Repair 30F concrete leveling filler 25kg

by Sika
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Sika Repair 30F concrete leveling putty

Sika Repair 30F is putty for leveling concrete surfaces with sealing properties. It is a one-component PCC/SPCC mortar with the addition of microsilica. It is used for filling concrete surfaces by hand or spraying to a thickness of 1.5 mm to 4.0 mm.

Capacity : 25kg


  • Non-toxic material
  • Product with high resistance to sulphate corrosion
  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to achieve perfect surface cosmetics
  • Increased resistance to penetration by water and chlorides
  • Good durability, waterproof and frost-resistant features
  • Good adhesion to concrete

What is the use of putty?

Sika Repair 30F is a putty intended primarily for minor structural and non-structural repairs . It is also suitable for applying putty on concrete surfaces exposed to increased environmental aggression. It will work in general construction and hydrotechnical construction. The material is also ideal for leveling surfaces before applying protective coatings.

How to apply Sika Repair 30F?

The substrate should be moistened before applying the mortar matt-moist . As a result, however, excess water must be removed. If the product we apply by spraying it can be applied with putty sprays. While in the case of manual filling, the preparation should be applied using a smooth or serrated steel trowel. You need to rub the putty into the substrate with cross and fan movements, and then smooth it evenly with a smooth putty. After the initial cutting of the putty, it should be smoothed using wet sponges in circular motions until the texture of sandpaper is obtained.


  • Chemical base: Cement, polymer, microsilica, selected aggregate, special additives
  • Packing : 25 kg bags
  • Appearance / Color : Gray powder


Mixing proportions:

Sika® Repair-30 F : water - 100 : 18 by weight 4.5 liters of water per 25 kg bag. To increase the stickiness and stability of the mortar (e.g. in a vertical, hanging or ceiling position), the amount of water can be reduced to approx. 4.0 liters per 1 25 kg bag.


Theoretical consumption: ~16.5 kg/m²/cm. Practical consumption depends on the roughness of the substrate and losses during application.

Layer thickness:

Minimum 1.5mm / Maximum 4.0mm

Waiting time / Repainting:

The minimum technological break before applying any subsequent layers is (at +20°C):

  • for Sika® Repair-30 F: minimum 12 hours
  • for one-component Sikagard® coatings: minimum 5 days
  • for two-component coatings such as Icosit® and Sikafloor®: not less than 7 days and not earlier until the moisture content of the material drops to below 4%.

The product can be used under cladding made of ceramic, stoneware, etc. tiles laid on mineral and mineral-polymer adhesives. The recommended technological break before applying the glue should be at least 1-2 days.

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