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SIKA Sikaflex Tank N is a chemical resistant sealant

by Sika
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Sikaflex Tank N is a one component, flexible, chemically exposed joint sealant.

Sikaflex Tank N is intended for use by experienced contractors. Sikaflex Tank N is intended for the storage, filling and handling of water polluting liquids such as:
gas stations, fueling stations, containment, barrel stores, workshops, expansion and adjoining joints in garages and parking lots.

Color : gray (concrete)
Capacity : 600ml

Chemical resistance: List of liquids for which the joint sealing system is impermeable and resistant up to 72 hours. (average conditions). For these liquids, Sikaflex® Tank N is approved according to TRwS (Technical Rules for Water Hazardous Liquids) for sealing surfaces intended for the storage, filling and handling of water polluting liquids.

  • DF 1 + 1a - Fuel (gasoline) for vehicles with engines according to DIN 51600 and PN-EN 228
  • DF 2 - Aviation fuels
  • DF 3 + 3a + 3b - Very light heating oil (DIN 51603-1), diesel fuel (EN 590), unused fuels for internal combustion engines, mixtures of saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons with an aromatic content up to < 20% by weight and flash point > 55°C
  • DF 4 - All hydrocarbons
  • DF 4a - Benzene and mixtures containing benzene
  • DF 4b - Petroleum
  • DF 4c - Used internal combustion engine oils and used gear oils with a flash point > 55°C
  • DF 5 - Mono- and polyhydric alcohols (max. 48% methanol by volume), glycol ethers
  • DF 5a - All alcohols and glycol ethers
  • DF 5b - Mono- and polyhydric alcohols ≥ C2
  • DF 11 - Inorganic alkalis and alkaline hydrolysed inorganic salts in aqueous solution (pH > 8), excluding ammonia solutions and oxidizing salt solutions, e.g. hypochlorite)

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