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SIKA SikaForce 301 Quick glue for repairing plastic elements

by Sika
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SikaForce-301 is a quick adhesive for repairing plastic parts

SikaForce-301 is based on Purform Technology, an industry-leading polyurethane containing less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanate, to better protect occupational health and safety. SikaForce-301 (Purform) is specially formulated for the repair of plastic parts in the automotive workshop. It provides good adhesion to various types of plastics and can be overcoated with almost all types of paints.

Capacity : 50ml

Black colour

The glue comes with dedicated tips (mixers) - 3 pcs.


  • Less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanates for better health and occupational safety
  • Good adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Fast hardening at room temperature
  • Ready for sanding after 30 minutes
  • Paintable
  • Does not drip or drip
  • No contraction


SikaForce-301 (Purform) is used in automotive repair shops for plastic repairs such as bumper damage, gluing plastic components and brackets, recreating plastic clips or filling unused sensor holes and other small holes. This product is intended for experienced professional users only. Tests should be performed on actual substrates and conditions to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.


The curing of SikaForce-301 (Purform®) takes place through the chemical reaction of two components. Cures at ambient temperature. The curing speed can be accelerated by temperature using infrared lamps or ovens for at least 5 minutes. However, make sure that the repaired area does not heat up above 50°C.

APPLICATION METHOD: Surface preparation

Thoroughly clean and degrease all glued surfaces with Sika Cleaner G+P and a clean towel. Then sand the surfaces with 80-180 grit sandpaper. Clean the bonded surfaces again with Sika Cleaner G+P and a clean towel. Make sure the surface is completely dry and that there is no remaining moisture before the next step in the process. Spray a thin layer of SikaForce-300 Primer on both sides and flash off for at least 5 minutes. Additional surface treatment depends on the specific nature of the substrate.


SikaForce-301 (Purform) must be applied at a temperature of 15°C to 30°C (product, ambient and substrate temperature). Squeeze out a small amount of glue without a mixer to level the levels. Attach the static mixer, extrude a bead of glue one-third the length of the mixer, and discard the extruded mixture before applying the actual adhesive to the bonding surfaces. Apply SikaForce-301 (Purform) using appropriate piston guns. SikaForce-301 mixer tips (included in package and sold separately) are required for proper mixing. After dispensing, leave the mixer on the cartridge until you need to use the glue again. The remaining glue will have a shelf life of several weeks if stored properly. To start using SikaForce-301 (Purform) again, remove the old static mixer and dispose of it properly. Clean the cartridge outlets carefully. Then connect the new mixer and start dispensing as described above. Sika Contouring Film and Reinforcement Mesh are intended for filling cavities and modeling.


Uncured SikaForce-301 (Purform) can be removed from equipment and tools with Sika Remover-208 or other suitable solvent. After hardening, the material can only be removed mechanically. Hands and exposed skin should be washed immediately with wipes Sika Cleaner-350H or a suitable industrial hand cleaner and water. Do not use solvents on the skin.

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