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Sika SikaPower 4508 - thermosetting sealant, powder coating

by Sika
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Hot curing adhesive and sealant, used in paint shops

Capacity: 400ml

SikaPower 4508 is a one part adhesive and sealant hot cured . It was produced on the basis of elasticized epoxy resin. As a sealer, it is particularly useful for sealing EC-coated surfaces prior to painting or powder coating.


SikaPower 4508 is an adhesive/sealant. As an adhesive, it is typically used in combination with spot welding, riveting, clamping and other mechanical fastening techniques to hold parts together before curing is complete. Joining oily surfaces is possible with an amount of oil up to 3g/m2. Due to the large variety of oils, it is necessary to carry out tests on the currently used materials under the conditions prevailing at the time of production.

SikaPower 4508 can also be used for sealing applications on EC-coated materials prior to subsequent painting processes (including powder coating).

The product is intended only for experienced and professional users.


  • Color: White
  • Application temperature: 20 - 50°C
  • Curing time at 180°C: approx. 25 min.


  • It exhibits excellent adhesion to most EC-coat surfaces and to oily metal surfaces
  • Suitable for the powder coating process
  • Easy to smooth
  • Allows for spot welding
  • Free from solvents and PVC


SikaPower 4508 cures with heat. Curing depends on both temperature and soaking time. The most suitable heating devices are convection ovens. The minimum annealing temperature is 160°C , the maximum must not exceed 220°C .

It is necessary to carry out tests for the materials used and to determine the optimal conditions to ensure proper curing.

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