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SikaGrout 8N mortar for grouting, anchoring and repairing concrete 25kg

by Sika
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Self-leveling, expansive, coarse-grained mortar for grouting, anchoring and repairing concrete.


SikaGrout 8N is ready to use, self leveling and shrink free cement mortar with a grain size of 0/8mm. In the liquid-plastic phase, it is characterized by a small expansion and a normal increase in strength. The mortar is compatible with principles of structural repair for anchoring steel reinforcing bars in accordance with PN-EN 1504-6. In addition, it also meets the requirements for class R4 repair mortar in accordance with PN-EN 1504-3. The material can also be used as fine-grained self-compacting concrete with a strength class of at least 34-45.

What properties does mortar have?

SikaGrout 8N is easy to use, just add water and it is ready to use. Thanks to the fact that we can add the right amount of water ourselves, we can easily adjust its consistency. The minimum layer is 2.5 cm and the maximum is 8 cm. Locally, the thickness of the layer can be doubled, i.e. it can be up to 16 cm. mortar is self-levelling , strength build-up is normal and final strength is high. In addition, it expands by gas evolution while still in the liquid-plastic phase. SikaGrout 8N is vibration and impact resistant once set, and it is waterproof and frostproof . The material is non-toxic and non-flammable , reaction to fire class is A1.

What is SikaGrout 8N used for?

  • embedding anchors, bars, railings and other steel structures in concrete
  • grouting machines, poles, etc.
  • for casting joints of prefabricated elements
  • filling small cavities and gaps in concrete on horizontal surfaces
  • suitable for repair work (principle 3, method 3.2 of PN-EN 1504-9 "Repair of flaked or damaged concrete in buildings, bridges and other reinforced concrete structures"
  • suitable for structural reinforcement (principle 4, method 4.2 of EN 1504-9) "Increasing the load-bearing capacity of the concrete structure by installing reinforcing bars in the openings",
  • suitable for structural reinforcement (principle 4, method 4.4 of EN 1504-9) "Increasing the load-bearing capacity of a concrete structure by adding a layer of mortar"
  • suitable for maintaining or restoring passivity (Principle 7, Methods 7.1 and 7.2 of EN 1504-9) “Increased concrete cover and replacement of damaged or carbonated concrete.
  • locally, the maximum thickness of the mortar layer may be greater than 8 cm, up to a maximum of 16 cm.
  • it is also possible, after carrying out appropriate tests, to additionally grain the material with good quality aggregate (in the amount of 25-35% of the dry component weight, depending on the aggregate quality) and use it as fine-grained self-compacting concrete (SCC). The use of additional aggregate does not affect the amount of mixing water.

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